These rainy and chilly days take me back to England.

I even put the BBC Radio 6 on, I couldn’t help it.

It feels like a Saturday morning. The type of Saturday morning when I didn’t have many plans and I just stayed at home doing mundane but enjoyable tasks, with the sound of the rain outside accompanying the melodies of the radio.

These memories bring happy feelings, feelings of positive and good energy. An energy I associate with dreams and hopes, the type of energy that comes when you know that anything is possible. An energy that I have associated with England.

I really do not know what it is about that country that has always made me feel like that – creative, capable, hopeful, powerful…happy.

I never felt like this when I lived in Madrid, despite being my home town. Well, maybe I did, but only on counted occasions. I think it was raining on those counted occasions.

Could it be the rain what makes me feel like this? As if the rain gave me the opportunity for a new beginning, washing away the bad in the past and opening up the path up for all the good that is lying ahead.

It seems like it rains a lot in the north of Italy. Let’s hope it stays like this.

I really never thought I’d miss the English rain quite this much.

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