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Change is not easy

The first time I said the words I’m quitting I felt so relieved, there was so much pressure suddenly gone, that I started to feel dizzy.

But what an amazing feeling that was.

I was dizzy, yes, but I was also so happy, I felt so free, that the dizziness was quickly replaced by a weird sense of strength and motivation, the type of strength and motivation that you get when you know that you will be able to put up with anything that comes your way.

That was when I knew that I was making the right move.

However, that feeling of strength didn’t last long.

The anxiety of having to talk to my supervisor and my family started to creep in again, altogether with the terrifying worry of whether this was the best decision for my future.

But when I doubt my decision, I open Instagram or YouTube or listen to a podcast. I have tailored them so that most of the content I see are from great authors and coaches that I admire. They remind me that I’m not alone in my madness and that there are a lot of people just like me that have gone through the same and who have done well, just like I know I will.

It’s funny because now every time I open social media, all I can see are posts about change.

Mel robbins (@melrobbins), for example, shared the other day: “Not all positive changes feel positive […] Even if it’s a change for the better that doesn’t mean it feels like that right away. New jobs are scary. Being newly single can be lonely. It’s all part of the process”.

Or James Clear (@james_clear), who shared in his newsletter: “Major life changes – moving to a new city, starting a new job, ending a relationship […] will often make life harder for the first 100 days before improving. This is not always true, but it’s a nice reminder that experiencing early struggle doesn’t mean it was a bad choice.”

Because like Olga said in “El Podcast de la Escuela de Vida SEN” – change is like going from one island to another, to reach that other place you want to go to, first you need to cross the sea in between.

So I think I might get a big and sturdy surfing board, take a few surfing classes and practice a lot, so that when the big waves in this sea of uncertainty come my way I’ll be prepared to raise on top of them.

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